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Same Day CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC- Same Day Dental Crowns

If you’ve ever needed a dental crown, you know the time commitment that’s involved. From the preparation appointment to waiting two weeks for the final delivery, the entire process usually involves taking 3-4 hours off of work and wearing a temporary crown in the meantime.

Not anymore. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of CAD/CAM technology like CEREC, it’s possible to digitally create your new crown right here in our office. The entire treatment process is completed in just one appointment.

Advantages to Single Visit Crown Treatments

The biggest difference between CEREC same-day crowns and traditional dental crowns is that you only need one appointment instead of two. Plus, you can also enjoy benefits like:

  • Saving money by taking less time off from work
  • Consolidating multiple treatment stages into one procedure
  • Digitally precise craftsmanship that prevents the need for “re-dos”
  • Metal free restorations made to match your smile, so there are no “grey lines” along your gum tissues

With a lab made crown, there’s always a risk for the off-site designed restoration to not fit properly. This can be due to human error or chemical changes in materials that cause them to reshape or warp between a dentist’s office and the lab. Even though technicians are specialists when it comes to hand-designing porcelain crowns, there’s always a risk for the restoration to not fit. When this happens, the entire process has to start over (leaving you waiting another two weeks to try the next crown on.)

CEREC eliminates all of these potential downfalls. Because CAD/CAM digital printing is so precise and there is no room for human error, your new crown will fit perfectly on the first visit. You’ll be able to walk into our practice, have the tooth prepared, a digital “impression” made, and your crown created as you sit back and read your favorite book. Just a little while later, we’ll fit and bond your CEREC crown in place and you’ll be ready to go.

How CEREC Technology Works

Digital Impressions — Rather than gooey impressions that tickle your throat, we use a handheld wand that scans your tooth surfaces to create a 3D replica inside of the CEREC software system. You’ll see the digital model of your teeth right on the computer screen. (This is similar technology to what is used with planning clear aligner treatments such as Invisalign.)

CAD/CAM Digital 3D Printing — The 3D representation of your teeth is transferred into our on-site milling equipment (instead of being sent off to a lab across town.) CEREC uses special tools to carve your new crown with the highest level of accuracy possible in modern dentistry.

Custom Shaded Porcelain — We select a specific shade of porcelain that matches your neighboring teeth, so that your same day crown will look great when you smile.

Same Day Delivery — Your crown treatment takes only one appointment, instead of two. All CEREC restorations are made while you wait. So, sit back, relax, or catch up on other dental work that needs to be done instead of making additional appointments.

Are CEREC Crowns Durable?

For more than a decade, CEREC has been the industry leader in creating same day crowns and dental restorations. Each one is carved from a solid block of ceramic resin, making it as strong as possible. Like any porcelain crown, you need to treat it as you would a natural tooth. When well cared for and maintained, you can expect your same-day crown to last just as long as a traditional restoration.

If you need a new crown but are putting treatment off because of the time commitment involved, CEREC is the perfect investment. Contact Sunny Kim DDS today to schedule your consultation and exam!

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