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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a beautiful smile can help you make great first impressions and feel confident during your everyday life. It may even be the investment you need to get ahead in your career or re-enter the dating scene. At Sunny Kim DDS, our cosmetic dental treatments fit your short and long-term needs, not to mention your budget. Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you to achieve them.

While every smile makeover and cosmetic experience is unique, you may find that combining some of the following options help you to achieve the results that you’re looking for:

Teeth Whitening — Erase years of tooth stain for a brighter, fresher, more youthful glow. If you smoke, drink coffee, red wine, or tea, there’s a good chance you have quite a bit of stain buildup that’s collected inside of your enamel that can’t be polished off during a cleaning. Professional teeth whitening can erase more stains than over-the-counter kits and in less time. Our dentists recommend whitening your teeth prior to other cosmetic treatments, so that your new restorations can be made to match the whiter shade of your enamel.

Custom Dental Veneers — Also known as “instant braces,” we use veneers to correct the appearance of teeth that look crooked, misshaped, short, uneven, or are severely discolored. The process takes about two visits to complete. Each set of veneers are hand crafted for a customized shape and design. They’re one of the most dramatic and instantaneous ways to transform how your smile looks.

Dental Bonding — Have a small chip in your tooth? A mild gap in the front of your smile? Bonding is ideal when minor problems cause big flaws in your entire smile’s appearance. At Sunny Kim DDS, we can use it to recreate your tooth structure or fill in small atypical areas to give your smile a seamless appearance. There’s little to no preparation necessary and your tooth may not even need to be numbed.

White/Tooth Colored Fillings — Tooth decay doesn’t mean that you need a mouth full of silver fillings to correct the problem. Our experts use minimally invasive composite restorations that blend in with your surrounding tooth structure, leaving your smile healthier and beautiful at the same time. We can even change out your old silver fillings with ones that match your teeth.

Implants for Missing Teeth — Are missing teeth the underlying problem when it comes to your smile’s appearance? With dental implants topped off with a porcelain crown or bridge, we can fill in the gaps with a solution that looks and feels as great as the real thing. Implants can be used to replace single or multiple teeth (or even your entire smile with Teeth in a Day.)

Porcelain Crowns — When your tooth is damaged beyond the point of repairing it with a small filling, a full coverage crown is the best solution. Crowns cover your tooth above the gumline, protecting weak areas while also enhancing your smile’s appearance. Our digital impressions allow for the most accurate fit and less time spent between treatment appointments. They’re useful for restoring badly damaged teeth as well as on top of implants when replacing a missing tooth.

Get a Customized Smile Makeover Plan!

At Sunny Kim DDS, we tailor your experience to meet your concerns, future goals, and budget. No one smile makeover is the same from one person to the next. We know what your goals are and we’ll help you to achieve them.

During your consultation, we’ll talk about what it is you like or dislike about your smile, and what you want to change. Then we’ll discuss what options are available to help you address those concerns. In many cases you have more than one choice.

What to Expect During Treatment

Depending on the type of cosmetic dentistry that you choose, you may need to book anywhere from one to two or three appointments at our office in Seattle. As we review your treatment plan, we’ll talk about which teeth or therapies are addressed at each visit, approximately how long they will take, and all of the costs involved.

At the time of your treatment we’ll take every step to keep you as comfortable as possible. We are comfortable treating even the most anxious of patients…we put ourselves in your shoes, and do everything we can to make your experience with us one that’s positive.

An Investment in Yourself

Making a great first impression is always important, especially if you’re looking to start a new career, get a promotion, or are planning for the wedding of your dreams. Not a detail goes unnoticed: your hair, your clothes, your waistline…but your smile is an accessory that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life.

Feeling great about the way your teeth look will help you feel comfortable showing them off more often. Studies show that the more a person smiles, the friendlier they appear and the better impressions that they make. Some research even suggests that people with whiter, straighter teeth are usually more likely to have higher salaries. Take that information as you want, but we think that investing in your teeth is a great way to enhance your lifestyle!

Affordable Seattle Smile Makeovers

Contact our cosmetic dentist and staff today to schedule a consultation to get started. At the very least you owe it to yourself to find out what options are available. Call us today to learn more.

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